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We believe that reaching the state of Well-Being is more than just becoming physically fit. Well-being entails maintaining an inner balance between body, mind and soul as well as balance with the external world. Therefore, we look at each person as a whole and believe in interconnectedness in the nature.

Modern life is full of stressors, which make us vulnerable and susceptible to unhealthy emotions. Unhealthy emotions combined with an adopted, externally driven irrational way of thinking impact your body, mind, and soul. If you are not equipped with healthy coping skills, achieving well-being and maintaining balanced lifestyle in this fast-paced world seems almost impossible. We are committed to long lasting positive lifestyle change and thus we highly value education.

Our team follows a systematic and methodical educational approach to teach you to understand, recognize, and change your dysfunctional behavior and unhealthy habits that prevent you from reaching your fitness and wellness goals. Once you learn how to live a balanced life, you will be able to maintain the long-lasting positive lifestyle change that leads to well-being.

There are two main groups of our services: Milates Fitness and Milates Wellness. Milates Fitness focuses on your body, including a wide range of fitness training, while Milates Wellness focuses on your mind, including holistic lifestyle and Well-Being coaching, counseling, meditation, and nutrition.

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I saw changes in my body after only 4 weeks!! No other exercise class or fitness program has provided me with the same results so quickly.

I love Milates and I am someone that finds working out very tedious. Mila has an exceptional disposition and because of her workouts I feel strong and confident about my body…I have never experienced this feeling before and it feels amazing!!

Glenda Rissman,
Principal, q30 design Inc., Toronto, Canada

Milates is worlds better than Pilates! I’d done Pilates in South Africa (2 yrs) & UK (6 months) before moving to Canada where I looked for somewhere that would offer Pilates close to my apartment. I found Milates and thought I’d try it. The basic methods of core strength being important is about the only similarity, otherwise Milates was a much more holistic form of exercise. After only 6 months I felt stronger, had better body definition & generally had more fun in the classes than I had had for any previous Pilates sessions. Mila was always very aware that most of us worked desk jobs & she’d have exercises to counteract the negative influences of sitting too long, of bad posture, & generally relieving stress and tension. What also impressed me was that Mila always remembered who had what injury, and she’d have specific/different exercises for that person so as not toexacerbate their injury, but rather to help them get over it. At one stage we had 3 pregnant ladies who were at class almost right up to the births!

Zoe Brocklehurst,
South Africa

In preparation for my wedding, I joined Milates for 8 sessions. Through a series of balance, light weights, resistance bands and ball exercises, I was pleased to witness my once-saggy upper arms transformed into finely-sculpted artwork; in addition, I toned my midsection to near flat, and legs to lean. The highlight of the program, however, was the positive state of mind created through a community of supportive women.

Mila’s choice of music brings tranquility into the over-stimulated brain, and her enthusiasm and charm keep you smiling while you sweat. No wonder she’s had the same clients for years, and her classes are always full!

Larissa Chmil,
High school Teacher, Toronto, Canada


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