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Go with The Flow

Here I am in Bavaro Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)!
It is my tenth day and I am still mesmerized by dreamlike sand, water and sky…… The colours are unreal…. divine….leaving me breathless and speechless.
Initially, my plan was to have kind a “working vacation”, meaning to rest and write my book for at least three to four hours a day. I have a very busy schedule and couple of projects going on so this was a perfect brake to write without any distraction.

AND….my plan did not go through.
Luckily I am not upset….quite the opposite……I am happy, peaceful and AT EASE. I can’t describe how stunned I am by the nature of this island. FRESH coconut from a tree, beautiful breeze and colours from golden beige through celestial nuances of blue to all shades of purple. I am enjoying with all my HEART bird’s rhapsody, whisper of waves and smiles of the sun. I feel heavenly receiving hugs from the ocean and giving them back. I am astonished by dance of the waves and their MAGICAL healing power of returning you to the PRESENT MOMENT.
Waft flirting with my hair….sun kissing my cheeks and lips……waves cuddling my feet… a pure ENJOYMENT without planning.

If I came here ten years ago with the same plan, you would see me leaving a beach at around 11am and coming back around 3mp.
Of course I would use those 4 hours to eat and work. I was very meticulous and disciplined and I would always stick to my plan and schedule. As you can imagine……. I was driving myself and people around me crazy.
If I had to change my plan for any reason, I would be angry, stressed and frustrated. Sure enough, that would give me a lot of headaches and excessive tension.

Well ….I have changed. I am relaxed about my plans because I have learned there is always a greater reason behind every change of a plan.
I am more laid-back and trying to be fully present since the life is full of miracles all over around us…..we just have to BE IN THE MOMENT and enjoy every single one. Exactly what I have been doing for the last 10 days. I am RELAXED and INSPIRED beyond comprehension. This new state of the mind allows new ideas to pour and flourish as my body and my mind dance as WHOLE. My ENERGY skyrocket. Past and Future do not exist, just NOW and HERE!





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