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Creativity at the Center for Creative Education of children “Wise Owls”

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Milates center had a pleasure to work with young “Wise Owls” in Belgrade, Serbia. We used the body awakening exercises that consisted of different types of clapping, marching  and counting.  This type of activity is proved to encourage psychomotor development, brain plasticity, memory, and creativity.

“Wise Owls” suggested counting in different languages so to learn something new.  We were pleasantly surprised by their inventiveness and inspiration. Every student knew at least one foreign language, and we ended up counting in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and German. We are happy to be able to continue working with Wise and Smart Owls  online via Skype. 


Post Halloween workout


If you had a lot of sweets for Halloween, pick up some dumbbells and join me to burn those extra calories.
Knees in line with your second toes, squat to touch the floor or as low as you can keep your back straight.
Turn your head up with every rotation to follow the arm that is reaching the ceiling.
Do as many as you can in 30sec, take a one-minute break.
Do 5-7 sets and feel your heart pumping and your legs, glutes, core, arms and back burning!
If you need motivation, join Milates online live fitness classes from your home. Contact me at mila@milates.com to start your journey to healthier and happier you.


How to strengthen the entire body at home


Another great exercise for the entire body, especially for the core! No need to do endless situps because they are so bad for your back‼️Rather pick up dumbbells ( if you don’t have a kettlebell ) and do 12 repetitions on each side. Take a break of a minute or two and repeat this sequence 3-5 times on each side and feel the burn. You should feel your legs, glutes, core, back, arms and shoulders. All in one!!! 🙂
Make sure you start with proper weights because you don’t want to hurt yourself. Keep your back straight ( chest open), neck in line with your spine and pivot your feet.
If you don’t pivot your feet, you can injure your knees. In this video I am holding 2 dumbbells of 8lb each, planning to move to 10lb (20lb altogether). If you are a beginner start with 6lb ( 2x3lb) and slowly start adding more when you get stronger.


How to stay healthy on a plane!!!

I have been dreaming of visiting different countries since I was five. Back then, we lived by the high-way and with every passing car I would travel to another country.

AND, my dreams came true! I have been travelling a lot and I hope I will live long enough to visit all beautiful places on this planet.
Being FIT and healthy is an imperative for me, a LIFESTYLE and not something I do only to look great in a bikini or “that” dress.

My BODY is my TEMPLE, my vehicle through this life, and it deserves only the best food and treats in every single moment.

As much as I like to travel, long flights can be very draining. Here is how I manage to look fresh even after 14 hour flight.

I always travel dressed up. But, on a plane I change into my comfortable clothes and remove all make-up. Before we land I put my clothes on and make-up back. You might think what a crazy woman but I promise you if you try the same, you would be surprised how good you will feel. Beside that don’t be surprised to have a better treatment at the airport, like upgrade or more weight allowance. It happened to me many times.

Sparkling water is really good to keep your face HYDRATED so I ask for some and I splash my face often.

I never eat food on a plane because it is all processed. It doesn’t have any nutrients and it would only clog my liver, my arteries and my MIND. Instead, I chop up my favourite vegetables and fruits and bring them with me. Also I mix together raw nuts, seeds and dried fruits. I have at least one or two bananas with me. I know you might be wondering about airport security, but I will tell you, I have never had any problem. If they ask me I tell them I have food allergies or I eat only raw food, and I will finish it before we land to our destination (don’t forget a big smile).

The only drink I have on a plane is plain WATER and I have plenty of it. I don’t drink bubbly drinks or juices because there is nothing else in them except sugar or even worse, aspartame (America’s deadliest sweetener) like in diet or zero calories drinks. Alcohol and coffee on a plane are not the best quality so you may end up with heart burns, upset stomach or a headache. If you still feel like coffee at least don’t drink it with milk and sugar. Milk and coffee are the worst combination causing a lot of acid in the stomach. One teaspoon of sugar suppresses your immune system for 48 hours. Personally I don’t drink and I don’t consume coffee even outside of a plane.

Aisle seats are my favourite because I can easily get up and stretch my legs walking up and down an aisle. Veins don’t have muscles and the blood gets stuck in the lower legs if you sit for a long time. To prevent leg’s swelling I walk every hour and I use my small ball (a type I can inflate with a straw) to rest my legs on it while sitting. Most of the time I put compression socks on (I know the ladies will like this) so I can easily put my shoes on when we land. I also I rotate my upper body, circle my shoulders and bend my neck side to side to release tension in the upper body.

If I have a problem to relax or fall asleep I do LEFT NOSTRIL BREATHING. This type of breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which slows down the breath, stimulates digestion, and RELAXES the nerves. It takes only three minutes. Maybe you will need more time but that is OK too, do it as long as you need. Close your right nostril and breathe through your left only. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Place your left hand on your belly and inhale slowly into your hand so your hand moves away from you. Exhale slowly until hands return to the starting position.

I hope you will try some of my routines and let me know how you liked it.

Happy travelling!
Keep flying and smiling!


Go with The Flow

Here I am in Bavaro Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)!
It is my tenth day and I am still mesmerized by dreamlike sand, water and sky…… The colours are unreal…. divine….leaving me breathless and speechless.
Initially, my plan was to have kind a “working vacation”, meaning to rest and write my book for at least three to four hours a day. I have a very busy schedule and couple of projects going on so this was a perfect brake to write without any distraction.

AND….my plan did not go through.
Luckily I am not upset….quite the opposite……I am happy, peaceful and AT EASE. I can’t describe how stunned I am by the nature of this island. FRESH coconut from a tree, beautiful breeze and colours from golden beige through celestial nuances of blue to all shades of purple. I am enjoying with all my HEART bird’s rhapsody, whisper of waves and smiles of the sun. I feel heavenly receiving hugs from the ocean and giving them back. I am astonished by dance of the waves and their MAGICAL healing power of returning you to the PRESENT MOMENT.
Waft flirting with my hair….sun kissing my cheeks and lips……waves cuddling my feet… a pure ENJOYMENT without planning.

If I came here ten years ago with the same plan, you would see me leaving a beach at around 11am and coming back around 3mp.
Of course I would use those 4 hours to eat and work. I was very meticulous and disciplined and I would always stick to my plan and schedule. As you can imagine……. I was driving myself and people around me crazy.
If I had to change my plan for any reason, I would be angry, stressed and frustrated. Sure enough, that would give me a lot of headaches and excessive tension.

Well ….I have changed. I am relaxed about my plans because I have learned there is always a greater reason behind every change of a plan.
I am more laid-back and trying to be fully present since the life is full of miracles all over around us…..we just have to BE IN THE MOMENT and enjoy every single one. Exactly what I have been doing for the last 10 days. I am RELAXED and INSPIRED beyond comprehension. This new state of the mind allows new ideas to pour and flourish as my body and my mind dance as WHOLE. My ENERGY skyrocket. Past and Future do not exist, just NOW and HERE!