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Fitness and Well-Being Coach

Mila Apostolovic is a consummate fitness and wellness professional with over 20 years of international experience as a holistic lifestyle coach, group fitness leader, exercise coach, wellbeing coach and Kundalini yoga teacher.

Mila is a teacher by profession and character. Her passion is to educate, teach and coach others. Mila is dedicated to helping her clients to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle, reshape their bodies and use them efficiently on a daily basis, increase body awareness, change their body image and improve self-confidence.

Working with people with different challenges, varying from complete body unawareness and faulty pattern movements to uncertainty of proper techniques and misconceptions over fitness, Mila recognized the importance of having a step-by-step approach in developing body awareness and learning proper exercising techniques and movements.

Combining her love and knowledge of functional fitness with years of diverse training experience, she developed and successfully built the Milates™ body for mind fitness program, for which she has now become famous.


Mila provides

Milates Online Live Group Classes

A group session with four to ten clients is a cost effective way to get a customized workout! Invite your friends, colleagues or partners and start your own Online …

Milates Personal Training

These private sessions are designed to fit your individual needs and are tailored for your specific body and fitness goals. These sessions are available in person and …

Milates Special Occasion Programs

You might have a special occasion coming up in your life and you would like to improve your physical strength, your stamina, your appearance, or all of the above…

Milates Post Pregnancy Training

Have you just had a baby? Congratulations on this joyous life-changing event! Milates can help you optimize your post pregnancy experience…

Mila’s Qualifications

Staying current and on top of industry trends helps us improve Milates and provide you with the quality you deserve.

Mila is highly committed to constantly improving her professional knowledge, skills and accreditation in the field of fitness, health and well being, in order to help her clients achieve their full potential. She is a regular participant at the most recognized industry courses, seminars and workshops, and is committed to providing her clients with the very best and latest fitness and wellness trends.

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